EcoFinish is a cutting-edge flame-sprayed polymer coating.

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Eco Style Pool Renovations uses ecoFINISH®, a patented, high-performance pool coating system, designed for both industrial and pool applications.

  • Water-based polymeric compounds, VOC-free
  • Chemical and UV resistance withstands extreme temperatures
  • Non-porous, high-density finish
  • Rapid curing technology for swift installations
  • Adheres to concrete & fiberglass pools
  • Algae-resistant properties simplify cleaning
  • Enhanced pigment retention technology
  • A broad spectrum of colour options with polymeric colourants
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Factors That Can Affect Inground Pool Renovation Cost

The cost of your inground pool depends on several aspects, and can vary between a concrete pool, fibreglass pool, or even a vinyl liner pool. Understanding these will help guide your budgeting process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How long does the ecoFINISH® application process take?

    The duration of the ecoFINISH® application process can vary depending on the size and condition of your pool. Typically, the application is swift and efficient, allowing your pool to be ready for use significantly quicker than traditional resurfacing methods, often within just a few days.

    What maintenance is required for pools coated with ecoFINISH®?

    Pools coated with ecoFINISH® are low maintenance due to their non-porous and algae-resistant surface. Regular cleaning to remove debris and balanced pool chemistry are the main requirements. This simplicity helps to reduce the need for harsh chemicals, making upkeep easier and more eco-friendly.

    What is ecoFINISH, and how is it different from traditional pool coatings?

    ecoFINISH is a high-performance, aquatic coating system that offers superior durability and resistance against chipping, peeling, and fading with a waterproof membrane. Unlike traditional pool paints or plaster finishes, ecoFINISH provides a smooth, long-lasting surface with vibrant colour to withstand harsh chemicals and UV exposure.