Pool Rust Removal Perth

Knowing what leads to the formation of rust spots or rusting equipment in swimming pools is crucial for prevention and maintenance. Pool rust stains can appear due to various factors, affecting the aesthetic appeal and the pool’s structural integrity. These include:

  • Corrosion of metal objects
  • Imbalanced pool chemistry
  • Galvanic corrosion or when two different metals are in electrical contact with an electrolyte
  • Saltwater systems
  • Environmental factors like particles from industrial pollution or fertilisers
  • Water seepage
  • Poor construction practice

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Removing Rust Stains During Pool Renovation

Leveraging the latest in pool cleaning technology and tried-and-tested techniques, we offer effective solutions for all your stain and rust removal needs as part of our pool renovation services. Our methods are tailored to address the specific type of rust and the underlying causes, ensuring a thorough and long-lasting resolution.

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  1. Quotation

    Following our visit and assessment, we'll provide a detailed quotation for the pool renovation, including rust removal," assures EcoStyle Pool Renovations. "The quote will clearly outline all costs involved, based on our comprehensive understanding of your pool's current state. Should there be any additional work required beyond our initial assessment, we'll transparently present any associated pricing.

  2. Scheduling

    Once you've accepted our quotation, including the rust removal process, we'll get to work on scheduling the renovations to begin the pool resurfacing process. Scheduling takes into account a variety of factors, including our current commitments and your preferred timeline.

  3. Colour Selection

    We use an innovative method to help confirm your colour choice by placing a colour sample plate in the pool before emptying it. This approach allows us to better visualise the final appearance and colour reflection, ensuring your satisfaction with the chosen colour and finish.

  4. Prestart

    Our first step involves decommissioning the pool equipment, strategically placing props across and within the pool to provide support during draining, and then draining the pool.

  5. Surface Preparation

    We'll then prep the existing pool surface for resurfacing, including rust removal as needed. This step may involve sanding, stripping, or other methods to ensure the removal of any loose or damaged material, providing a clean and suitable surface for the new coating or finish.

  6. Application

    The installation of high-performance ecoFINISH coating is then applied to the prepared pool surface, ensuring any rust-affected areas are adequately covered. We'll ensure a smooth and even application, giving particular attention to achieving the desired colour and finish.

  7. Final Touches

    We'll supervise this process closely to ensure proper adherence and durability, making any necessary adjustments to address rust issues. If needed, we'll apply any final touches or adjustments to ensure it looks again like a new pool finish.

  8. Pool Refilling

    Since our ecoFinish pool coating doesn't require any curing time, we immediately fill your pool and remove the props. After a quick water balancing, including measures to prevent future rust, you are ready to swim in your newly resurfaced pool. You can even heat it immediately!

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